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I am principle recognized for my irreverent and playful work. I am also passionate and devoted to my art and with over 25 years' experience, this makes me a complete multimedia artist. 


Boldness is my trademark, coupled with innovative and vision, this brings exclusivity and efficiency to every project.


I have been designing and drawing since I was 10, so this gives me an enviable track record. My portfolio has more than 100 different brands, including, Whirlpool and the Accor Group of Hotels.


Currently, I am developing a range of inspirational design projects, that include, Product Design, Hotels, Gyms, Exhibitions, Live Artistic Performances and countless other creative projects for Brazilian and international companies alike.


I have won several awards for my work and participated in major exhibitions and international design events. My work is also present various art galleries around the world.


I am versatile in my approach to work and the founder of Lab & Factory an experimental space, which marries the concept of a laboratory and a factory for ideas. I achieved this through human relationships using design, technology and gastronomy. 


"Smile, Art and Design is everything!" Kiko Sobrino.


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