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The work of multimedia artist Kiko Sobrino can not be classified as, classical or pop, figurative or abstract. Instead, he creates images of visual poetry, combining various media and techniques, which, including Acrylic, Oil, Silkscreen, Collage, Computer Graphics and various other materials.


Although some aspects of his work are representational, he goes beyond recognizable forms, in order to convey new ideas and inspire the visual imagination of his audience. Kiko, infuses his art with a sense of politics, referring to ecological and social issues that are a very important part of todays modern everyday life. 

In fact, each painting reverberates with layers of meaning, as forms
of representation are contextualized.


Light and composition always challenge us and elements reflect the tension and discontent that the artist himself experiences.


This is the way Kiko views the world. He calls this “the artistic
process of his research” and it’s a way to help people, see the world,
and how they see themselves. New York art critic.

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